Millionaire's Apprentice from Michael Cheney

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Millionaire’s Apprentice (Michael Cheney)

If you’re on this page you’re probably looking for more information on Michael Cheney’s Millionaire’s Apprentice program, right?

Before you proceed, make sure to watch the video below which showcases how Michael’s previous program helped generate over $100,000.

Like the Millionaire’s Apprentice, Michael’s previous program cost $1997 to join so I think you’ll agree turning that amount into over a hundred grand was a pretty good investment.

If you’re ready to secure your spot before Michael shuts the doors, you can do so by clicking the link below:

Watch the video below and read more on this page to see what you get, in case you need a little more information before you decide to grab your spot before Michael closes the doors.

Check out this video:


Read more on the program from Michael below:

Michael is giving you all this in the Millionaire’s Apprentice

Passive income generated automatically in less than 24 hours.
Upon joining, payment will be received within 24 hours and monthly payments will continue as long as the clients remain active. No training, learning, or action is necessary.

The service that enables you to get paid without doing anything – “Do Nothing, Get Paid” money service.
Hands-free sales while you sit back, 100% commissions on all sales across the funnel, proven bestselling, high-converting offers and we even send the traffic for you!

For marketers who are pressed for time, we offer instant bestsellers that generate money quickly.
Skip over two decades of trial and error and quickly establish credibility, authority, and status by leveraging our success. With our assistance, you can make effortless sales without needing to persuade or provide proof.

Earn high commissions on backend sales!
You get up to $1,000 per hands-free sale and swipe and deploy promos which do all the selling for you. Plus – high converting, automated follow-up emails done for you, which maximize your money.

BONUS #1 – 24-Hour Done-For-You Traffic And List
In addition, you’ll receive the 24 Hour Done For You Traffic And List, which means we’ll promote your link and generate hands-free traffic and subscribers for you. This isn’t about teaching you how to get traffic; it’s about us getting traffic and subscribers on your behalf. This service alone is valued at $2,000 – a bare minimum cost if you were to source these components from the marketplace or build them yourself with years of experience.

BONUS #2 – 7-Day Guaranteed Traffic And Sales Explosion
You also get the Seven-Day Guaranteed Traffic and Sales Explosion worth $7,000. Up until now all of these components are entirely done for you. This component is optional – for those of you that go through the members area and follow each of the simple steps. If you launch your own product in the way that we show you in the members area, I will personally promote it for seven days, guaranteeing you sales and commissions and 1000s of leads. This is worth at least $7,000 – not just in sales, but also in the credibility of having my name attached to promoting your product. Other big name partners will want to jump on board as well, when they see that I’m promoting it. This is included for you as a member of the Program.

BONUS #3 – $10k/Mo. Beast Mode Blueprint
As a member, you gain access to the Beastmode Blueprint, valued at $1,000, which outlines a clear, step-by-step path to scaling your business up to $10,000 per month. This powerful blueprint is included with your membership.

BONUS #4 – Access To Our Specialist Dream Support Team Forever
You also get On Helpers Taking Care of You (for Life!) worth a value of $2,000. This is not just any support. These are our full-time members of staff, some of which have been with me for well over 10 years. And they’re on standby to help you. If you get stuck, you reach out to them and they will create a personalised video for you to show you what to do. There’s a real-world value on this of $2,000. You won’t get this level of support anywhere else.

BONUS #5 – Get Introduced To Joint Venture Partners
You’ll also receive an exclusive VIP Introduction to Marketing Celebrities – My Partners valued at $2,000. This component is similar to an “old boys network” in the internet marketing world, where your connections are just as important as your knowledge. With this package, you’ll gain access to my personal network of influential contacts in internet marketing, who I have on speed dial. I’ll introduce you to the biggest names and celebrities in the industry, which will open doors to huge opportunities for you.

BONUS #6 – Checklist – The Fast Track To $100,000 Per Month
Transform your business from $10K per month to $100K per month with ease! Receive our exclusive checklist that will guide you through the direct actions necessary to achieve massive scaling in record time. This no-nonsense, straightforward guide will lead you straight to the money.

BONUS #7 – Get On The Fast Lane To Your Financial Freedom
Fire your boss as quick as possible when you discover how to build sustainable parachute profits so you can make the leap in the record time. Also revealed: easy hacks on how to grow your business while still working.

BONUS #8 – The Partner Pleaser
This bonus is truly valuable as it includes a personal letter written by my wife, addressed to your own partner. In this letter, she shares her initial doubts, worries, and fears when I first started out, and how she was unsure if this business venture would work. However, she also reveals how her perspective changed and how glad she was to have supported me, as it allowed us to live the life of our dreams through the success of our internet marketing business. This letter is like a precious gem for you, as it can help you gain the support of your partner and have them by your side as you strive towards success. You will receive this letter as part of our bonus package, along with other valuable components.

The “I Will Force You To Make 10k A Month Whether You Like It Or Not” Guarantee.
If, after implementing the system as we teach for 90 days, you haven’t made $10K or you feel like you’re missing something to scale up to $10K per month, I will work with you personally and one-on-one, free of charge until you do. You must follow all the steps in the program member’s area. This is an extraordinary offer because you’ll have a multimillionaire, that’s me, working for you to make you $10K per month. I wouldn’t make this guarantee if the program didn’t work. We have a 100% success rate because the program works and we’re very selective about who we accept. Everyone who joins makes sales, guaranteed, within hours of joining. If you follow the simple steps, you’ll make money. It’s paid by numbers. There’s no risk, uncertainty, or unknowns. Just implement the system and the money will come out the other side. It’s that simple.

Your Jaw To The Floor Guaranteed Sales Within 24 Hours Of Joining Guarantee
Yes. You are guaranteed to make your first sales with 24 hours of joining the Program. You must follow the simple steps (takes 10-15 mins max. to tell us where to send the money).

Common questions

Can I do this even if I’m not technical?
Yes. Because we are doing a almost all the work for you and giving you customers, leads and commissions. To scale beyond that there may be occasional “techie things” you need to do but you get access to our Hands On Technical Helpers helping you every step of the way.

I can’t get traffic, will this work for me?
Yes. Because we are giving you a kickstart of traffic with this. We actually drive traffic for you to your affiliate link set up with 100% commissions so you get paid without doing anything. And then, if you want to take things to the next level, we show you easy scalable, free traffic methods and coach you on these too.

Will it make me money even though I’m not an expert?
Yes. By piggy-backing on our proven track record, credibility, and authority in the marketplace, you won’t have to spend 10,000 hours becoming an expert.

I get distracted/lose focus – will you help me make money?
Yes. It doesn’t matter if you get distracted – we are going to pay you ANYWAY! The first portion of the program is all done for you, it doesn’t matter if you’re more ADD than a gerbil on Adderall. Beyond that, I am here to coach you every week in the live group sessions and keep you track. Plus you can reach out to our expert team of Hands On Technical Helpers whenever you need help or guidance. We’ve got your back.

I don’t have much time – will this work for me?
Yes. If you were trying to do all this on your own and start your own internet business from scratch the answer would be different. Here you get a ton done for you – instant bestselling products to sell as your own and keep all the money, for example. Not to mention the fact we actually give you traffic, leads, customers and sales without you even lifting a finger!

Do I get help from you if I get stuck?
Yes. Similar to the philosophy of “No Child Left Behind,” we operate under a “No Person Left Behind” mentality. We are committed to ensuring your success, even if it means carrying you across the finish line. We will do whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals, whether it’s providing extra coaching, support, or guidance. Our ultimate goal is to see you succeed, and we won’t stop until we get there together.

Can I still get results without my own courses or products?
Yes. You don’t have to spend 10,000 hours becoming a subject matter expert here. You get our entire arsenal of bestsellers to sell as your own and keep all the money. We even give you the done-for-you, swipe and deploy promos which sell them for you.

An email list is something I don’t have, is that ok?
Yes. You can do this without a mailing list because we actually help you get one. We are sending you traffic, don’t forget. And we’ll even promote an optin page (we give you the template!) and drive traffic to that page for you to get you subscribers!

Can I get started quickly without a lot of hassle?
Yes. Once you get in to the members area just tell us where to send the money. We will then get you the instant passive income and start promoting you to get you more traffic, leads and sales. Then you just follow the rest of the simple steps (and attend the live sessions or recordings) to scale up even further.

What happens after this? Will I always be able to get help?
Yes. In the weekly live group coaching sessions, I am available for you to provide support. Moreover, inside the members area, you can click on a button to chat with one of our full-time support experts in real-time. We stand by our promise of leaving no person behind.

Without doing anything I can continue to get passive income?
Yes. With the GrowFast.Biz offer, we give you commissions right away and you’ll get those for as long as those clients remain a member of the other program. And we’ll drive traffic for you as well and even help you build your own mailing list.

Is it possible to make this work without needing expensive tools?
Yes. No additional software, costly tools, or other programs are necessary to achieve excellent results with this.

I don’t want to put my face out there – will this work?
Yes. We understand that being a media influencer or being in the spotlight is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, that is not a problem here. Michael takes on the role of being the “frontman” for you, so you don’t have to. With our proven track record, credibility, and authority, you get to keep all the profits from the sales, using our ready-made and done-for-you promos. You can simply hide behind your computer and watch the money roll in.

My partner doesn’t support me, can you help me?
Yes. It can be hard when your partner doubts your ability and doesn’t share your passion or belief in your business. You will be getting instant sales here so you can turn around and show your partner right away that this works. And if you move quickly you also get the exclusive bonus of a handwritten letter from Michael’s wife to your partner. In this letter his wife tells the story of how she stuck by him and is now so grateful for the amazing life full of opportunities and wealth they now share.

What about bonuses?

Although Michael is offering plenty of training and guidance, members-slash-marketers of the program will get some nice bonus materials. If you can take advantage of a bonus offer you should do so – you’ll get more value for your investment.

However, you should be cautious when going for a particular bonus offer.

You really don’t need to grab more just because you want to get more. You might end up wasting hard drive space if you are not careful enough with your choices. You may even end up not working on the franchise, as the information may end up overwhelming you and turning you off.

Don’t just jump into bonuses, then, and consider first which would truly complement your Millionaires Apprentice package.

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