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[Update] Constant Profits Club – Replay of webinar

If you’ve been following the Constant Profits Club launch, you’ll know it’s doors are open now.

If you haven’t yet watched the Constant Profits Club webinar, you can see a replay below.

In the webinar, you will be learning the following…

- A three-step process that will let you earn your first income and expand it to a $10,00/mo business in a span of one year.

- How to do “S.W” to start earning in your first week.(You’ll be given a list of sites that you need to check and the things that you need to do… the same actions Anne took to earn her first income in
3 hours).

- The best way to increase your “immediate income” and make $500 or even $1,000 monthly. (This target can be achieved by a number of individuals and they will be content with doing this for an extended period of time)

- Tips on how to transition to generating passive income by making use of those particular skills to researching and writing about a specific product that’s being sold online.

- Here I will be discussing the method I used for acquiring traffic and getting sales on a certain product a couple of months ago without doing any promotional efforts… Just writing it and publishing it on a high quality website I own.

- In the webinar, you will see how a student with a 30-page long niche was able to already generate more than $24,000 monthly by January 2016.

- We’ll talk about getting easy traffic by finding “ranking anomalies” in Google… mistakes Google made in what they ranked and how you can capitalize on them.

And a whole lot more…

You can also see details of a full Constant Profits Club review as well as a Constant Profits Club bonus package.

Need A Constant Profits Club Review? Here you go

I was told, that Sara and Andrew will be focusing on getting people up and teaching them to earn their first income as quickly as possible during the early stages of the course.

You can also get more details of the Constant Profits Club bonus here:

I’ll cover what I can but for a full Constant Profits Club review, see this blog here:

Initially, it will be on obtaining your first $1, and they will eventually make their first $100. You’re going to hear from a guy on their webinar on March 8th who generated $150 in his first week.

Through that, they want you to realize that you can take advantage of the skills you learn and use it on your own chosen niche…

The secret here is discovering one niche that you can use, one with less competitors but has expensive products that you can sell..

(Andrew assures me has techniques that no one else is teaching for helping people find these kind of niche affiliate opportunities)

But a crucial part of this program is that they’re not going to teach you how to build a “mini site” or do “sniping”, or even make “product review sites”…

They just wish to teach you how you can create your own website that will let you dominate small markets completely, and let’s you cater to the needs of its consumers.

I have been told they will also talk about…

1. How to quickly acquire cost-free traffic…

By ranking easily in search engines and utilizing some untapped traffic sources.

2. White hat approaches

Absolutely no approaches that will put you at risk for getting banned or penalized by search engines…

The program will teach you how to develop your own reliable source of income that can let you earn as much as $10,000 monthly, and this is something that cannot be done by so called “make money quick” schemes.

3. Growing the business

Too many people want to show you how to take advantage of “a loophole” or manipulate the internet somehow.

Andrew and Sara have confessed to me that they have also tried these and failed several times, which led them to conclude that this is not the right way for people to growth wealthy online.

People are actually dominating their niches simply by looking for unique ways they can serve their niche and give them the best value, and it has allowed them to earn incomes of $2,000 monthly, $5,000 monthly, and up to $10,000 monthly.

And so much more.

These are some extra add ons on the Constant Profits Club Program…

1. Their Very Own Niche Research Tools

There’s one called Commission Wizard that scans through a database of hundreds of thousands of records to find expensive products that people really want, that you can promote as an affiliate for easy commissions.

2. A member only “Marketplace” that lets every student take full advantage of their chances to immediately earn income.

You won’t find this in other coaching programs.

However, I was told this is just less than half of what comes with the Constant Profits Club program

UPDATE for Constant Profits Club…

While working full time online, Andrew is no stranger to “real” jobs, which he last had when he was 18 years young. Beyond this period of his life, Andrew started working online, selling PDFs even before Amazon made it popular, and has been working remotely even before others started following suit. Well, you can say that he is pretty much the hipster of online business, or a pioneer if you prefer.

Constant Profits Income certainly is one of the few money-making programs that are more than just hype; the underlying system just works.So what on earth is this Constant Profits thing? Let’s keep it simple: this one here is a Web-based coaching program that will provide you with the strategies to earn a week after signing up, building a business for long term success as you go. We certainly expect this program to deliver, especially since we know that Sara and Andrew, with their wealth of experience, are in charge.

Now if you are going through a rough road towards success, Sara Young is the person you can turn to for advice, having experienced a lot of ups and downs throughout her career herself.

Sara, a mother of seven beautiful kids, has been in the online money-making business when the Internet is still a fledgling collection of Web 1.0 sites, way back in 1994. She started her foray into online marketing out even before then, when what became the World Wide Web is still confined to university networks. Her earliest venture in the business involves helping a certain university professor with his email marketing campaign that targets students and statistics teachers, i. e. the only people who can access the Internet.

With her knowledge on technical matters, it became easy for her to catch up when the Internet that we are most familiar with finally saw the light of day. During those days, she made a living building websites and programming using PHP and Perl. Years later, in 2001, she regained interest in online marketing after being hired by Zend to be their website manager. This job allowed her to work from the comforts of her home for the most part, although it all stopped in 2002 when her company fell victim to the dot-com bubble’s collapse, leaving her unemployed.

Andrew has a wealth of experience when it comes to Internet marketing. He has nine years-worth of experience in affiliate marketing to start with. Likewise, he has nine years of experience doing search engine optimization or SEO. For seven years, he has also been producing strategies which he has been teaching others in the form of e-books, videos, software, and training programs, the first of which is the niche marketing course titled – never mind the choice of words – “Niche Marketing on Crack.”

The Internet is such a great place, as it not only is a massive repository of human knowledge, but also a venue rife with opportunities to make a real living. Indeed, one can say that there are so many people who are making a living online these days, and that does not require them to leave the comfort of their homes. You may also be doing likewise yourself, what with you being here in the first place, which is not really a strange thing at all. Now there are a few people to thank for the fact that we can now do business online, among which is a certain Andrew Hansen, an Internet marketing expert and one of the first few folks to turn digital entrepreneurship into a full-fledged career.

The program comes in the form of a series of private online class where the entire system is detailed in over 100 step-by-step videos. One live two-hour webinar per week during these ten weeks will complement the video lessons, and will help you get real time coaching should you run into difficulties doing the program. What’s more is that subscribers will be provided with done-for-you backlinks, as well as support and access to the program’s Facebook group and private forum.

That all said, Constant Profits Club helps you earn extra income and do more than just that by guiding you into building a long-term business. The program will launch on March 8, 2016, so if you want to avail of a slot, be sure to sign up early.

Making money quickly while doing your job from the most comfortable spot in your home – that is pretty much a dream for many. Now many of us are probably level-headed enough to believe that, while one can certainly work from their homes, earning a quick buck without doing something illegal or making decisions that can affect your business in the long term is totally impossible. That, however, is not saying that there is totally no such thing as a money-making system that can net you a quick buck while helping you build your business for the long term. A money-making method that you can adopt for this matter is to work from home with Constant Profits Club.

Right now, you may be thinking that this is a rather big promise, especially after you have tried a variety of systems that say just about the same thing but have achieved little to no results. Furthermore, we will not find it surprising if you think that this is yet another standard marketing ploy, the likes of which you’d see in some no-name marketer’s product. How then, is learning to work from home with Constant Profits Club any different?

In this system which Andrew and Sara will be sharing with you, there is no automation involved, and you will need to work hard to earn just enough to pay off your bills for the first few months, then begin enjoying some profits. This is not like most money making schemes that are being offered online to immediately get you earning money and lets you forget about the most important aspect, which is to build your business properly for the long run. In this course, you will see how traditional method of building a business and different methods of quick money making schemes can work well together.

If you have a product with Andrew Hansen as a co-author, expect that you will be getting an all-inclusive course, just like the Constant Profits Club. Everything that you need to know about the underlying strategies in this course will be detailed in over a hundred videos, complemented with support in the form of a weekly live coaching webinar and a support staff. Whatever you don’t understand will be explained by Andrew and Sara themselves in the weekly webinars, and should you miss it, you can still get help from the support team. If you think this is one of those usual ordinary training courses that you see online, where you just get a PDF instruction of the things you need to do and everything is left for you to figure out, then you are wrong.

By now, the idea of learning to work from home with Constant Profits Club may have interested you. If so, make sure that the program’s launch date is marked in your scheduler, and that would be March 8, 2016.

Both Sara and Andrew are classified as experts in Online Marketing, and their team up is perfect as they are achievers as individuals. You have all the good reasons to watch out for their newest release, which is the Constant Profits Club. Andrew, your Aussie boy who now lives in the UK, is popular for his courses that explains affiliate marketing strategies in detail that are known to work, and this can be attributed to his vast Internet marketing experience; on the other hand, Sara, your typical work-at-home-mom, has survived the past two decades working online and has established herself as an authority in the field of online marketing and working from home.

Constant Profits Club Bonus and Review Online

You may have already heard by now that there are people who are actually making a living off the World Wide Web. Being such a widespread practice, many of us are likely familiar about how one can make money online, from selling stuff to simply being popular in YouTube. Making money online, however, is not new. Fact is that there are already people who are into this trade even before the Internet that we know of is still in its infantile stage. Such is Sara Young, who has been earning her dough online, probably even before you have ever discovered the Internet.

Finding success at making money through the traditional methods will usually require going hands-on with what you do, investing money and effort, and then working on it for months to break even and eventually bear fruit. On the other hand, many would rather prefer the easy way, doing things on autopilot and earning profits as soon as they can set up shop. Although practical, it is well known that businesses where you earn quick cash does not last for the long term.

Everyone wants to make a quick buck, and they’d do what it takes to make it happen. Sadly, it is regrettable that getting such a feat done may not be possible at all, as most known strategies that make this happen can bring detrimental consequences to your business. The good thing is that this is not an absolute; there are always some methods tucked in the corner that can help you earn money immediately without shooting yourself in the foot. Andrew Hansen and Sara Young, both Internet marketing experts, are inviting you to make profits this way and make money fast with Constant Profits Club, their latest offer that will see launch on March 8, 2016.

The Internet is such a great place, as it not only is a massive repository of human knowledge, but also a venue rife with opportunities to make a real living. In fact, it is very common to hear about people making money online these days, and that doesn’t even require them to leave their homes. You may also be doing likewise yourself, what with you being here in the first place, which is not really a strange thing at all. The fact that making money online is possible means that there are precedents that have shown us that it can be done, among which belongs a man by the name of Andrew Hansen, one of the first few folks who have made a career out of digital entrepreneurship.

He has been doing all these for the past nine years, and if that does not make Andrew an expert to you, who knows what would. While his strength lies in affiliate marketing and making money with small websites, he is also a very versatile online entrepreneur and Internet marketer. Now if you are looking for someone to turn to with regards to improving the way you make money online, Andrew Hansen is your pal.

With all that said, we can say that Constant Profits Club helps you earn extra income while helping you build a business that will surely last and make money consistently. Now, are you looking to avail of a slot in this program? Mark the 8th of March in your calendar, and be sure to sign up early.

The system will be broken down and explained thoroughly in a series of over 100 videos over the course of ten weeks. Every week, there will also be one live-coaching two hour webinar where you can get expert advice should you find yourself having a hard time following the system. Subscribers will also gain access to a Facebook group and a private forum, as well as support and a whole set of done-for-you backlinks.

Now how exactly can you make money fast with Constant Profits Club? No spoilers here, but here’s a quick summary of what you should expect. You will get an access to a private online class that will run a ten-week course; over 100 tutorial videos that will explain each part of the course in a step-by-step fashion; a weekly, two-hour live coaching webinar; premade backlinks; access to a subscriber community via an FB group and a private forum; and a support staff that are ready to answer all the questions you have about the program.

If you are tired of trying out products that cannot really deliver what they promise, then it’s about time to put a stop to that. If you work from home and only aim for success, then a product from Andrew and Sara is the answer. Andrew has been reputed for coming up with strategies that will surely provide results, leaving a smile on the face of all his product buyers. Online entrepreneurs who are looking for something that can give their business a lift may just have the answer to their needs. If you want a system that is entirely different from the traditional way of building a business online, then you should try the Constant Profits Club.

We commonly see most courses being offered online as the solution to give you the fastest way to earn money with only a few simple steps. The truth is, most of these courses will actually fall short of your expectations. Heck, most of these are just bait for you to buy expensive subscriptions or software! Should we expect the Constant Profits Club to be different? Absolutely, if you ask for our opinion. Sure enough, it may be hyped as the absolute strategy to get rich online, but given just how its creators have delivered in the past, we do trust that we are getting our money’s worth in this online coaching program.

This brand new course from Sara and Andrew will show you how Sara earns quick money online just by having quick writing gigs as she also builds another income generating business from affiliate marketing-a type of method that Andrew loves to do. With the aim of teaching you how to build a business in the long term while you make an immediate income, the Constant Profits Club sure sounds like a promising money-making course. Here, Sara and Andrew will be sharing with us their wealth of knowledge in Internet marketing and making money online through a ten-week long private online class.

Click Funnels Review and Bonus for Click Funnels

Russell Brunson will release Click Funnels soon. The Click Funnels is the latest offering from Russell Brunson.

At this stage, not much is known about the Click Funnels course, but as more details emerge, expect a full Click Funnels review as well as details of an amazing Click Funnels bonus package for buyers of the Click Funnels course.

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Six Figure Funnel Formula Review

So you want to know what’s in the Six Figure Funnel Formula course from Todd Brown?

You’re not alone. That’s why we’re going to be putting together a comprehensive Six Figure Funnel Formula review on this blog as well as putting a nice bonus package for anyone who buys the course through this site.

Since the course isn’t released yet, you’ll have to just bookmark this page and come back to it later when the full review is in place.

Six Figure Funnel Formula Bonus

Todd Brown is set to release his Six Figure Funnel Formula course sometime in March 2014 so we wanted to assemble an amazing Six Figure Funnel Formula Bonus package for anyone looking to get access to the course.  It’s early days yet so we don’t have the full bonus lined up but make sure to keep coming back to this page for more information and in the meantime you can check out our review of Todd’s course to see exactly what you’re getting in it.

Essentials for structuring a Sales Funnel Template

Business owners nowadays have realized that they cannot do good business without owning a website. Their online presence helps in marketing their products to the majority of people who access the Internet every day. Coming up with your own business website does not have to cost you that much. You simply need to have a well designed sales funnel template to convert your lead to sales.

Sales Funnel for your Internet Marketing Strategy

If you are familiar with Internet marketing, you are probably aware how difficult it can be to get traffic to your website. Aside from getting traffic, you aim to have a higher conversion rate from your website visitors. You can increase your conversion rate with the use of a sales funnel. This gives website owners the chance to communicate with website visitors who are in one way or another interested with the product they are offering, by sending them regular emails. The emails that your potential clients must receive are some helpful advice, tips that they can use, as well as irresistible offers.

When deciding what product to offer, remember that have to make a careful selection. Choose only products that comes from a known and reliable source. Also, the product has to be one that your website visitor could most likely be looking for. Before you go into selecting your product, it is important that you are able to gain their confidence and you are able to gather their name and email address, and you can do this with the help of a good sales funnel template.

How to Carefully Structure Your Sales Funnel Template

  1. Capture Page – Otherwise known as the squeeze page, this page is where website owners need to get a vote of confidence from their website traffic. When they do, they can easily persuade them to have their names and email address listed as part of the mailing list. This page does not necessarily have to be very fancy. All it needs are the necessary elements like the heading, subheading and the email form. The heading must simply have an irresistible offer. The subheading is also something optional to have. Then of course, comes the email form.


Remember that this capture page is not a sales page, so you will not be doing any sales pitch here. It can drive traffic away from your website if you are too eager to make your sales pitch on this page.


  1. Purchase Page – This page is where you start doing your sales pitch. After gaining the trust and confidence of your website visitors comes the next important thing, which is the part where you have a one time offer for a product that has to be sold for a reasonable price. It has to be something very affordable, more or less priced at 25 dollars. Putting an affordable product gives you more chances of getting a sale, which will then cover your cost for advertising, shipping and give aways.


  1. Downsell – A downsell is your alternative if you cannot get your website visitor to purchase your one time offer. This gives them the option to still avail of your product, but at a lower price. The catch here is that you sell them something that has lesser value, where you remove some product features that you offer to full paying clients.


  1. Upsell – An upsell is where you take advantage of the interest of your web visitors who are willing to purchase that one time offer. You can offer the product at a higher value, but it has to have some add ons or would have to be a higher and upgraded version as compared to those who are paying at a regular price.


Website owners need to utilize and upsell or downsell to increase their chances of getting an income. However, they have to do it subtly so as not to annoy their prospective clients.


  1. Exit Pop-up Page – If all else fails, you can use an exit pop-up page program. If you are not able to convince your website visitors to opt-in to your mailing list, this pop-up page will redirect them to another website which offers a lower valued product.


  1. Thank You Page – Aside from showing how grateful you are to your clients, you can use this page to put up some advertising banners. You may also put some links to affiliate products that are somehow related the product you are selling.


Putting up an Internet marketing campaign can sometimes be frustrating if you are not getting results. Nevertheless, laying out a sales funnel template can increase your chances of not only grabbing traffic, but as well as obtaining more sales for your product.


Sales Funnel Software and Its Benefits

A lead does not necessarily mean an automatic conversion to sale. This is what most businesses must always keep in mind. A sales funnel can greatly help in skillfully eliminating unqualified leads from your initial list. With the help of a sales funnel software, this process can be done with ease. Although you may opt to do it the traditional way, you will soon realize that you will save a lot of time and money if you take advantage of what a software can do.

Why Must We Use a Sales Funnel

The main purpose of having a sales funnel for your business is to help you in carefully planning the steps that you will need to undertake as you try to capture the attention of a potential customer and eventually convince them to finalize a purchase. Before you purchase your very own sales funnel software, try to evaluate it if it can really help you as you try to sort out qualified leads from your big pool of interested customers.

The sales funnel helps marketers to be more aware of the needs of the potential clients. As they become more aware of their needs, they are able to clearly identify who will qualify for a sale. This means a higher conversion rate.

Some Benefits

Having an Organized Sales Process

The most important thing for most business investors is knowing whether or not they will have a quick return of investment. The sales funnel can help them evaluate how soon they will be able to get an ROI. Several interested customers may look at your very interesting product. However, not all of them are interested to make a purchase. Ideally, you would want to know who among them are inclined to purchase the product. You then need to make use of your software to help you out. Once you have that master list, you only pursue those who will most likely help you increase your sales.

If you are the type of person who is always on the go, a software may also be available for mobile phones. This way you are still able to communicate and discuss with your sales and marketing team even when you are not together physically.

The Sales Process Becomes Predictable

A software can help in calculating systematically your call for actions which will greatly improve your chances of getting more sales. You are then able to eliminate some risky actions along the way, and you get a feel of what to expect in the future. You are then able to make decisions that will only benefit your business.

Getting Ahead of Your Competitors

When you work with a team, it is important that you provide them with all necessary information so they can start working on your qualified leads. At times when your marketing and sales team may have conflicting ideas, the software will be there to put their ideas together and align it to eventually help out in producing more sales. When this happens, you get more time spent productively and more chances for your entire team to obtain more qualified leads. This is something your competitors have to look out for.

Tracking Your Leads Along the Way

As your leads go through the sales funnel, you slowly evaluate their behavior and take advantage of whatever opportunity is available. Your software can help as you make modifications down the funnel to make it more suitable for your leads. Feel free to add or eliminate some stages.

Acquire More Information About Your Leads

These days, businesses utilize social media in acquiring more information about the behavior of their leads. As you have the right tools to use, you get more chances to close a deal with your leads. Just keep in mind there are several avenues online where these leads may have stumbled upon the product that you are offering.

Some Things to Consider Before You Use a Software

A sales funnel software cannot work automatically for you. If you wish you use it, you need to have a plan at hand on how you will be going through your sales funnel. The software can assist you when you need to do some tracking, calculation and making revisions on the funnel. However, it cannot provide you with all the information you may need. You will need to decide what goes into your funnel and analyze the reaction of your leads react as they go down the funnel.

A Sales Funnel Definition and Explanation

While looking for a sales funnel definition, you may come across several terms. Some terms that you may encounter along the way are: marketing funnel, purchase funnel or sales pipeline. They all basically follow the same principle just like the sales funnel. The system that a sales funnel follows looks like an inverted pyramid, but without the sharp edge at the bottom. Instead, it has a narrow stem.

What the sales funnel illustrates is the journey of a customer from the moment it discovers your website to the point where it is about to make a purchase. Internet marketing experts utilize this funnel to help them convert a lead into sales.

An Explanation of the Shape of a Sales Funnel

One cannot completely comprehend a sales funnel definition without having a clear understanding why the diagram is shaped like a funnel. While marketing managers are still free to create a sales flowchart using the traditional linear chart, they will soon find the sales funnel is much more simple. With its cone shaped diagram, the process is more clear-cut and each stage has a definite flow.

In comparison, a traditional linear chart is composed of a flowchart that has several stages while in a funnel, the top part of the funnel flows to the next stage when it is done serving its purpose. The funnel also does not make use of arrows which points out the next step in the process.

Nevertheless the sales funnel design has also revolutionized in such a way that it now gives importance to social media as part of the marketing process. Social media has indeed changed the way businesses reach out to their potential customers online.

The so called “leads” are placed on the top of the funnel and it goes down to the bottom which is when the sales transaction takes place. The middle part of the funnel can have a variety of factors included, and this will all depend on the size and the strategy taken upon by the business. The idea of having this funnel is to take advantage of the opportunity of having a sale. After finding several leads, comes the part where you need to sift out those who are just looking around and retain customers who are really interested in buying. As you continue to categorize down the funnel, it becomes easier to focus on the needs of the target market.

Steps to Undertake in Creating a Sales Funnel

Thorough research and critical thinking is needed in coming up with a sales funnel for your business. As you gather some important data to help in strategizing the parts of your funnel, consider the guideline below in structuring an effective sales funnel.

  • Begin at the Top – The most critical decision one needs to do is what goes on the top of the funnel. It is usually the leads or prospects that must be situated in the wider area of the funnel. These leads are sometimes called awareness. Nevertheless, the only goal here is to draw the attention of people who know nothing about your product.
  • Selecting the Qualified Leads from Your Prospects – With a little research and tracking of your list of prospects, you can identify qualified leads. Sending relevant content, tracking a person’s activity, putting in changes when needed, and allowing more time for observing leads has been proven to help in selecting the most qualified prospects that will most likely convert to a closed deal.
  • Marketing Strategies and Some Potential Risks – This part of the process involves evaluating the risks in obtaining leads and converting to sales. This is the point where you prepare the leads you have obtained for committing into buying your product. This must be the area in your funnel where you have sifted out those who are still indecisive about buying.
  • Sealing the Deal Carefully – The moment your qualified leads show they are keen on buying your product, give them an offer to help preserve their interests. Make sure that you take out any factor that might distract them and prevent them from proceeding down the funnel.
  • Structuring Improved Strategies After the Purchase – As you may know by now, a sales funnel definition does not necessarily make people aware that there is a cycle involved. One does not stop when the transaction is sealed. Once a deal is sealed, there could be more room for improvement and there could be parts of the funnel that needs to be replaced, removed or added to make it work better.