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Done for You Sales Funnel or Do it by Your Own?

These days, we always have the option of doing things by ourselves or having it done for us. In the world of Internet marketing, there are those who invest their money in a business, yet they are not capable of structuring their own sale funnel. The good news is, there are experts on this field and you can pay them for a done for you sales funnel.

Take note, however, that as the owner of the business, it is still your responsibility to drive traffic to your website. If you do not know how to do it, try to check with the services that you are availing as it may include some lessons on getting traffic to your website. For now, we will discuss some crucial steps in the process of creating a sales funnel.

Basic Steps You May Encounter When You Get a Done for You Sales Funnel

1. Provide Them With Pertinent Data

There are many professionals who will offer this service for you. After you have made up your mind as to who to hire, you will have to work together with the sales funnel expert and discuss what your business needs. You may be required to provide some data. You will have control over how you want the project to go, and you will be discussing this with the provider you chose.

2. Deciding on a Package Suitable for Your Needs

Your needs may be different from the needs of other businesses. Hence, these providers offer different packages and it is up to you to select which one suits you best. If you still need to decide on a brand name, you can seek the help of a sales funnel expert. As for the price of these packages, it totally depends on the time that you are willing to work on your business. If you have more time to work on it, then the lesser time you will require from these experts, which means you will have to pay less. Less time for you and more time for them will mean you have to pay a higher price for their services.

3. Execution of the Plan

Once you have your plan approved, the experts will be ready to immediately execute it. A trained project manager may be assigned to you. Being the owner of the website, you have the responsibility to provide the team with any feedback that they may need during the execution phase. You can either participate while the team goes through the phases in the plan, or just sit back and wait for the results. Most business owners prefer to actively participate, that way they can immediately make revisions when they feel something is not going according to plan.

4. Putting up Other Pages

The first page that needs to be done is the squeeze page. When this is ready, the team will have to start working on the other parts of the funnel. These would include the One Time Offers, promotional videos, email setup, download page and bonuses. More pages can be added depending on how things will work out.

5. Preparing the Sales Funnel

You have the option of doing it yourself or providing the sales funnel expert you hired with access to your own website. It depends on how much trust you have for them. There is nothing to worry as you can change your login details anytime when they are done working with your website. When everything has been setup, you will have to try it for yourself and put the sales funnel to the test. This will ensure that everything is laid out smoothly.

6. After-Sales Service

In order to keep up with their competitors, most sales funnel experts offer free additional support. Check if your provider offers after-sales service. This is very crucial as you may need their help if you should encounter any problems along the way.

The basic steps we have discussed here for a done for your sales funnel may not be the same process that will be followed by the sales expert you decide to hire. These are just mere guidelines. It is then best that you discuss first with your prospect before you decide to hire them. Compare the services that they can offer with others who are offering the same services. This way you know that you are investing on something worthwhile.