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Essentials for structuring a Sales Funnel Template

Business owners nowadays have realized that they cannot do good business without owning a website. Their online presence helps in marketing their products to the majority of people who access the Internet every day. Coming up with your own business website does not have to cost you that much. You simply need to have a well designed sales funnel template to convert your lead to sales.

Sales Funnel for your Internet Marketing Strategy

If you are familiar with Internet marketing, you are probably aware how difficult it can be to get traffic to your website. Aside from getting traffic, you aim to have a higher conversion rate from your website visitors. You can increase your conversion rate with the use of a sales funnel. This gives website owners the chance to communicate with website visitors who are in one way or another interested with the product they are offering, by sending them regular emails. The emails that your potential clients must receive are some helpful advice, tips that they can use, as well as irresistible offers.

When deciding what product to offer, remember that have to make a careful selection. Choose only products that comes from a known and reliable source. Also, the product has to be one that your website visitor could most likely be looking for. Before you go into selecting your product, it is important that you are able to gain their confidence and you are able to gather their name and email address, and you can do this with the help of a good sales funnel template.

How to Carefully Structure Your Sales Funnel Template

  1. Capture Page – Otherwise known as the squeeze page, this page is where website owners need to get a vote of confidence from their website traffic. When they do, they can easily persuade them to have their names and email address listed as part of the mailing list. This page does not necessarily have to be very fancy. All it needs are the necessary elements like the heading, subheading and the email form. The heading must simply have an irresistible offer. The subheading is also something optional to have. Then of course, comes the email form.


Remember that this capture page is not a sales page, so you will not be doing any sales pitch here. It can drive traffic away from your website if you are too eager to make your sales pitch on this page.


  1. Purchase Page – This page is where you start doing your sales pitch. After gaining the trust and confidence of your website visitors comes the next important thing, which is the part where you have a one time offer for a product that has to be sold for a reasonable price. It has to be something very affordable, more or less priced at 25 dollars. Putting an affordable product gives you more chances of getting a sale, which will then cover your cost for advertising, shipping and give aways.


  1. Downsell – A downsell is your alternative if you cannot get your website visitor to purchase your one time offer. This gives them the option to still avail of your product, but at a lower price. The catch here is that you sell them something that has lesser value, where you remove some product features that you offer to full paying clients.


  1. Upsell – An upsell is where you take advantage of the interest of your web visitors who are willing to purchase that one time offer. You can offer the product at a higher value, but it has to have some add ons or would have to be a higher and upgraded version as compared to those who are paying at a regular price.


Website owners need to utilize and upsell or downsell to increase their chances of getting an income. However, they have to do it subtly so as not to annoy their prospective clients.


  1. Exit Pop-up Page – If all else fails, you can use an exit pop-up page program. If you are not able to convince your website visitors to opt-in to your mailing list, this pop-up page will redirect them to another website which offers a lower valued product.


  1. Thank You Page – Aside from showing how grateful you are to your clients, you can use this page to put up some advertising banners. You may also put some links to affiliate products that are somehow related the product you are selling.


Putting up an Internet marketing campaign can sometimes be frustrating if you are not getting results. Nevertheless, laying out a sales funnel template can increase your chances of not only grabbing traffic, but as well as obtaining more sales for your product.