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How to Create a Sales Funnel Blueprint

A sales funnel blueprint is essential for most online businesses to get a boost in sales. If you own a business, you need to know that you cannot begin to expect to have sales if you have not done anything to get people to visit your website. Whether these visitors are just checking you out or are already interested with your products, you need to have a plan for them. This is why you need to have a carefully structured sales funnel.

Components of Your Sales Funnel Blueprint

There are some businesses who may find it difficult to acquire their very first sale. It can really be frustrating, but the truth is, they just need to start generating leads and everything will just follow. To further explain this, below are the essential components of a sales funnel:

  • Compelling Capture Page – The capture page is the first page that your leads will see as they land on your website. Make sure that this will make a lasting impression on them. Never put too much on this page. If you think that you can catch the attention of people by making this page too fancy, you are wrong. As in this case, simplicity is the key. However, you must take advantage of the fact that these people are visiting your page and are interested with your product in one way or another. Have them sign up for your opt-in mailing list.

The most effective way of convincing these leads to sign up for your mailing list is by presenting with an offer that is too good to ignore. Make sure that you must not begin doing your sales pitch at this stage.

  • One Time Offer – As you get the list of names and email addresses of your leads, you start doing some business by presenting a one time offer. This OTO does not have to be a very exceptional product, your main concern is to be able to provide them with an offer that would simply provide solutions to their problems.


Sometimes, business owners make a very big mistake when they present their OTOs. They tend to be too pushy that it can become irritating to their leads. If this happens, you tend to loose your possible customers.


  • Registration Page – On the registration page, you can get to classify your leads. This is where you see who amongst them are just stopping by to look at your products and who are those who are ready to make a purchase. At this stage, you need to start tracking the activity of your leads and take advantage of whatever opportunity you see to offer them your products or services. This part of your sales funnel blueprint will determine how many sales you will most likely make from your leads.


  • Downloads Page – The downloads page is the page where your product is available for download. This is the page that your qualified leads will be brought to after signing up for your one time offer. This may also be where they make payments and eventually have access to your product. This page can also be utilized for advertising other products that you may be offering. Just make sure these products are somehow related to the product that your leads are purchasing. Otherwise, they will not really be interested to check it out.


  • Email Marketing – Your leads become a part of your emailing list once they grab your one time offer and provide you with their names and email addresses. Sending these emails are done through a system. It would be very time consuming if you manually send emails to your long list of leads. If you do not know how to put up this system, you can sign up for paid services that can setup the program for you.


  • Constant Updates – As long as your leads do not unsubscribe to your mailing list, you can regularly send them emails to keep them updated with your latest products. Those leads who have remained in your mailing list, but have not actually purchased any of your products, may still be convinced to finally purchase the products you offer through these emails.


If you should find it too difficult to structure your sales funnel blueprint, you can hire someone to do it for you. However, make sure that you are willing to learn the process. This way, you save on your investment the next time you need to make another blueprint for another product that you may need to work on.